The largest of the Family.

Our KB10 Grande offers a lot of space for letting your imaginations fly. Cook a dinner for 2 or delicious dishes for 20 persons. Become the chef de cuisine at home and delight your family and friends with a unique dining experience.

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Pre-assembled and ready for use.

The KB10 Grande comes fully assembled for an optimal product function.

After unboxing and putting onto its enclosed trolley, you can immediately start cooking.

Order, set up at the desired place, cook and enjoy the unique flavour!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the quality of our hand made kamado B10 and therefore, additionally to the legal warranty, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all components made of clay (with the exception of the cole grid).

The KB10 is made to last!

The Specifications.

kamado B10 Grande

Total height (with trolley): approx. 110 cm

Outer diameter: approx. 60 cm

Inner diameter: approx. 53 cm

Weight: approx. 100 kg

Materials: clay / stainless steel / aluminium / wood

Amount of charcoal needed: max. 1.500 g

Autonomy: 10 to 15 hours